Work with us

The quality of our services stands or falls on the dedication of our people. We understand that we owe our good reputation, unique position in the market and stable clientele to the professionalism, loyalty, pride and enthusiasm of our staff. We expect the same passion and love of industry from the people who wish to work for us.

Cooperate to success
Our business culture is informal. Communication lines are short and we approach challanges pragmatically. We can only get the best out of our organization when we let our people get the best out of themselves. Those who wish to develop personally are given every opportunity to do so. In addition to our own Vos Logistics Education Centre, where we train our drivers, we have developed special training programs in cooperation with Nijmegen Radboud University and the HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Training and education

Quality and safety comes first in everything we do. That is why we train our employees at a regular basis. The courses for our drivers consist of all the theoretical and practical skills necessary for the correct execution of transport orders, including loading, unloading and cleaning procedures and all kinds of administrative proceedings. Important modules of the courses are the ones regarding “Fuel Efficient Driving” and “Behavior-Based Safety”. These courses revolve around behavior: driving behavior, but also attitude towards work and professionolism. Experience shows that these courses make the difference between an average driver and a good driver. Since these modules became part of the training course, the number of incidents, accidents and complaints dropped considerably.
Vos Logistics strives for a balance between the job and the abilities of the employee. Career is not only about how fast an employee can get higher up that career ladder. But an employee can change, deepen and broaden their job and build a career that way.